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This Nondisclosure Agreement, Meltem Otelcilik Tur. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (CLUB ALIZE) resident (company) (hereafter referred to in this agreement as “Providing Confidential Information”) at CLUB ALIZE resident Meltem Otelcilik tur. İnş. San. ______ In this agreement, which provides confidential information and receives confidential information, “Party” shall be referred to together as “Parties”. ENTRANCE: Confidential Information Provider, Confidential Information User’s services to be performed and/or products to be supplied (hereinafter referred to as “Business” in this contract) are personal, commercial, financial, legal and technical, all of which are confidential (but not limited to those listed). All intellectual and industrial property rights and financial rights such as information, patents, licenses and copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, advertising and marketing plans, product plans, production information, technical plans, and all kinds of written information, documents, software containing them. Written and non-written information explained verbally, visually, with examples or models, and/or examining, testing and using similar methods of devices or components that may be given to the Confidential Information Recipient by the Confidential Information Provider, visually acquired during the facility visit or during the production or With the information that can be obtained through product inspection, it can be generalized in the current fields of activity in which the parties operate. All commercial, financial, technical, operational and similar information, data and documents drawings, part drawings, sketches, part samples, molds, samples, sketch drawings, parts list, engineering information, production information, performance information. , CAD Data, plan, design, design, specification, size, formula, research and test results and other similar information (hereinafter briefly referred to as “Information”) to the Receiver of Confidential Information in printed, verbal, visual and/or electronic media. or will give. has or will give Confidential Information to the User in printed, verbal, visual and/or electronic media. In this framework, the Parties have agreed as follows regarding the Information given/to be given to the Recipient of Confidential Information by the Provider of Confidential Information. 1. Within the framework of this agreement, all information disclosed by the Confidential Information Giver to the Recipient of Confidential Information (not limited to those counted) written, oral, printed, visual or electronically, and the Business is of a commercial nature and constitutes confidential information. 2. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall ensure that the Business and The Information are stored as confidential information, that its confidentiality is strictly protected and that it is not disclosed in any way to third parties unless otherwise requested by the Confidential Information Giver, in exchange for or without compensation for any purpose, including monetary or non-monetary interests, by any party or any person in a third party position. 2 It is obliged to ensure that it is not given to the Company or institution, not shared, reproduced and distributed, and that access is not provided by means of data transfer systems. 3. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall take all necessary measures to comply with the confidentiality obligation of the employees whose Information will be disclosed to him and will establish his written procedures within this framework. 4. Information obtained through correspondence and/or submissions between the parties by means of letters, faxes, telexes, e-mails, disks, etc., and/or interviews made through any means is confidential. 5. The Recipient of Confidential Information agrees and undertakes to show the same care he takes in protecting his or her confidential information in protecting the confidential information of the Confidential Information Giver. Confidential Information Alan ancak zorunlu hallerde ve işi gereği Bilgileri, öğrenmesi gereken işçilerine, alt çalışanlarına ve kendine bağlı çalışan diğer kişilere verebilir ancak Bilgiler’in gizliliği hususunda işçilerini, alt çalışanlarını ve kendine bağlı olarak çalışan diğer kişilerin işbu sözleşme yükümlülüklerini aykırı davranmayacaklarını ve böyle davranmaları halinde doğrudan sorumlu olacağını peşinen kabul ve taahhüt eder. 6. If the Information was publicly published at the time of disclosure, if it was in the knowledge of the Recipient or the public, or if the Confidential Information Was subsequently disclosed to the public in a way other than in violation of this agreement, the confidentiality provisions arising from this agreement shall not apply to such information. 7. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall use the Information only for the conclusion of the relevant Business, and will not use or disclose it for any purpose other than this purpose. 8. Unless otherwise clearly documented in writing, any provision in this agreement shall not be interpreted as granting a right, license, consent or authority to the Recipient of Confidential Information in connection with the use of the Information or Information. 9. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall immediately (and in any case, within 3 days at the latest) return the Original Information to the Giver at the request of the Confidential Information Giver or destroy all written transcripts and notes of the orally disclosed Information, all written transcripts and notes of the Information stored electronically and all documents containing the records within this framework, at the request of the Confidential Information Giver (and in any case within 3 days at the latest) on the written instructions of the Confidential Information Giver/ Delete. 10. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall incur any damages that the Confidential Information Giver may be subject to directly or indirectly or in the future for breach of the confidentiality obligation set forth in this agreement. The Confidential Information Recipient also agrees and undertakes to pay 10% (Ten Percent) of the contract price as a punitive condition in the event of a breach of confidentiality defined under this agreement. 11. When the Recipient of Confidential Information becomes aware that the Information has been disclosed in violation of this agreement, he/she is obliged to notify the Confidential Information Giver immediately and in writing. 12. Receiving Confidential Information; It is obliged to act in accordance with all applicable regulations, procedures and principles regarding the protection of personal data, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law No. 6698”) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board, and to carry out its activities in accordance with the Law No. 6698 and the relevant legislation. The definitions under this heading will be based on the Law No. 6698 and the relevant secondary regulations. To the extent appropriate, the concept of personal data also covers personal data of special quality. 13. The Recipient of Confidential Information shall not use, collect, process, archive any personal data obtained/obtained in accordance with the activities under this Agreement outside of the purpose of the contract (“Personal Data”) and will not transfer it to any person or institution both at home and abroad. 14. Receiving Confidential Information; Upon termination of the Agreement, the KVKK agrees to delete, destroy or anonymize personal data in accordance with all applicable regulations, procedures and principles regarding the protection of personal data, especially in relation to the deletion, destruction or anonymization of Personal Data. 15. The Recipient of Confidential Information is obliged to take the necessary administrative and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data by both his or her own personnel and third parties and the unlawful use of Personal Data for the purpose of transferring it to him. 16. In the event of the sharing of “special quality personal data” by the Confidential Information Provider under the Agreement, such data will be protected by the Recipient of Confidential Information subject to additional security measures and authorizations determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in accordance with its qualifications. 17. If the Confidential Information Giver suffers a loss for reasons arising from the Recipient of The Confidential Information, is subject to legal, administrative or criminal sanctions, or is obliged to incur any damages, such amounts shall be reimbursed to the Recipient of the Confidential Information and paid to the Confidential Information Giver together with all its members in the first written request. 18. This agreement shall remain in force as long as the business relationship under the Business continues and in any case shall continue for five years from the end of the relationship between the Parties. 19. If any provision of this agreement is found to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the Parties shall replace these provisions with provisions similar to, enforceable and/or in accordance with the legislation in accordance with the purpose of the Agreement, and the integrity of this agreement shall remain intact. In any case, such an outlier or non-enforceable will not affect the applicability or validity of the remaining provisions of the agreement. 20. This agreement and its annexes constitute the entire agreement between the Parties regarding the matter and shall be terminated and replaced by terminating all previous agreements. This agreement may only be amended in writing with the mutual signatures of the Parties and by reference to this agreement. 21. Failure to claim a violation of a provision of this agreement or a waiver by the relevant party shall not constitute a waiver for the next violation or affect the validity of the infringed provision. Failure to claim a breach of a provision of this agreement does not prevent the relevant party from exercising its rights arising from this agreement and the law later (unless there is a clear written waiver). 22. The parties shall notified the other party within 3 (three) working days in writing with a returned, registered letter any changes that may occur at the notification addresses specified in the introduction. Until this notification is made, all notifications will be made to the specified last notification address of the relevant party and will result in a valid notification even if the notification has not reached that party. 23. This Agreement is governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Executive Offices will be authorized to resolve disputes arising from this agreement. This agreement, which consists of 23 articles and four pages, was signed by authorized representatives of the Parties on behalf of the Parties as two copies on behalf of the Parties on __._

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